The architecture of reality

Deconstructing language: an architectural extrusion of the letter S.

“No! Not that!” I cried, gripped by a sudden desperation, as if at that moment I had realized that only the checking of the meteorological instruments enabled me to master the forces of the universe and recognize an order in it.”
— Italo Calvino, If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller

An architectural model I spotted in the V&A Museum, photo by me, processed using Processing.

our way of dealing with the world is always based on ‘fictions’ rather than ‘facts’ or even ‘hypotheses’. Since the world as it is in itself is hidden to our rational understanding…we cannot then proceed through our life by way of verifiable hypotheses — rather, we must always make up fictional concepts and notions that we employ to navigate the world, while treating them ‘as if’ they were ‘real’. The point of this fictional endeavour … is that such fictions are useful to us.

So the true life is the virtual life — the life which contains within itself infinite perspectives, infinite points of view — which is how we experience life everyday. We never look at things fixed and stable, but by moving around. In our minds, a thing is synchronic — all the sides simultaneously there…. Art allows us to catch a glimpse of the totality of existence in one image — it has to be a revelation of everything.



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