Learning from Machines: Conversations with Artists about Machine Learning


The Trouble with Learning

Figure 1. Conversational Framework for learning © Diana Laurillard, 2002. Used with permission.

What is ‘Learning’ in Machine Learning?

Fall of the House of Usher (2017) by Anna Ridler. Used with permission.

Where is the Machine?

Figure 3: The Monistic Almanac (2018) by David Benqué. Used with permission.
Gymnopaedia App by Erik Lintunen. Used with permission.
Figure 4: Heaven to the Cloud (2019) by Jesse Cahn-Thompson. Used with permission.

Learning as Conversation

The Level of Descriptions

The Level of Actions


Machine Learning as Art, not Science







Artist & researcher. http://increasinglyunclear.world

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Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker

Artist & researcher. http://increasinglyunclear.world

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